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    Grizzly Bear aren’t rich: New York magazine story reveals how even indie darlings can’t afford to live like rock stars. →

    Despite all this, Grizzly Bear are not living like rock stars. In fact, after riding a steady trajectory of success for more than half a decade, they’re living more or less the same way they were when they started. As Nitsuh Abebe notes in his excellent profile and cover story for the newest issue of New York magazine, many of them don’t have insurance. Band founder Ed Droste still lives with his husband in the same 450-square-foot Williamsburg apartment. Though they’re living comfortably for now, they haven’t earned any stability. Abebe identifies their joint musical venture as essentially “a risky small business,” and guitarist Daniel Rossen point out that when “your livelihood is in songwriting, you never know when that’s just gonna stop.”

    — 2 years ago
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    Beep-it! from Michael Una on Vimeo.

    What happens when you try to make bleeping and beeping a business?

    Meet the Beep-It, a simple but addictive optical theremin, and a fun noisemaking impulse buy for sonic enthusiasts.

    Then, if you’ve ever fancied developing a new idea into a product, learn a little bit about the path of its creator. We hear a lot about technology and entrepreneurship in broad strokes, but rarely do people tell you what it means actually putting ideas to work.

    So, where better to start than with a simple idea and a labor of love? Michael Una, musician, sound artist, and inventor, explains.

    The video is a fun intro to the device. The interesting full back story is here: Meet the Beep-It Optical Theremin, and Learn Lessons in Product Development from its Creator

    — 3 years ago
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